About ME

I’m Suyeong Park (박수영 in Korean; pronounced as Su-yeong). My research interests include trustworthy AI for real-world applications, especially causal inference.


I’m enthusiatstic to solve various problems around us using information of data, representation of machanisms using machine learning, and knowledge of human-beings. I believe that AI and human should interact to solve some problems, not AI algorithms only. We should note the role of AI and would use that toward better worlds, hopefully.

Research Interests

I’ve focused on a research question, ‘what information we need between exploration and exploitation’ dealt with in machine learning field including active learning and studied Bayesian approach. I believe ‘understanding an intrinsic attributes of things and their interactions using our knowledge’ is crucial for utilizing machine learning models in real-world for better human-being life can be achieved by understanding causality of things. Thus, I’m currently focusing on identifying Causality implied on data for more reliable ML models.

Curriculum Vitae

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Thank you for your interest.

Last Updated: January 7, 2024